Our Solutions...

Our end-to-end service solutions are designed to be flexible, scalable, portable, forward thinking and affordable. We also provide customized solutions designed exclusively for the needs of each client. We partner with you to deliver improved operational effectiveness and enhanced customer satisfaction to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.

How It Works

Tell us what you need
(Job description/Sample tasks)

We’ll provide you with a competitive rate.
(Based on job description)

We recruit a dedicated team of talented professionals for you.

Team introduction to you.

Dedicated team reports to work daily and works directly for you.

Why Choose Us

Low Rates

We offer some of the lowest rates in the market. Rates lower than minimum wages in the US. Save up to 50% on your labor costs. Quality services without paying too much.

Your data is 100% safe

We store all client data on cloud servers in the US. All of our agents work at our office (not remotely or at their home) and are required to sign Non-Disclosures to ensure that our clients are 100% Secured.

24/7 Support

Our customer support teams are available to assist clients 24/7. You set the schedule, we got you covered.

Backup agents

In addition to the dedicated agents that each client receives from us, we have various roaming agents available anytime to provide backup support whenever your agent is not available.

Core Services

Data Processing

Our data & order processing center is flexible and scalable and recognized by our clients for timeliness, reliability, accuracy and software and hardware capabilities.

Customer Service

We have the capability, experience and resources to provide a wide range of customer support services including inbound and outbound call handling, internet, email and real time chat support.

Technical Support

Our knowledge trained experts offer our customers top-notch service & quick solutions at a low cost. We currently support our clients’ applications, network, websites products and devices.

Software Development

We help you create innovative, engaging software products while ensuring that development speed, user experience and applied creativity remain the top priorities.

Customized Solutions

We will design, implement and process a solution that suits the needs of your company so that you can focus on your core business targets.


We work with our clients on strategy, planning and problem solving. We help clients develop and implement the most practical and cost efficient processes for their business.

Current and Past Clients

Clients expect the best, so we give them the best. We achieve this by gathering together the best minds and delivering excellent quality services. We take pride in the relationship building aspect of working with our clients, while utilizing the latest technologies available.

Fact: Since our formation in 2008, 90% of our current and past clients were from referrals or “word of mouth.”